We believe SENSITIVITY is a good thing, not a disadvantage

Surprisingly many of us have sensitive skin and have experienced allergies to cosmetic products. We have spent over 20 years developing professional irritant-free hair products that really work Really well.

As name of the line implies, No nothing Very Sensitive products contain only the ingredients hair needs. Our products are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, unscented, paraben-free, colorant-free, gluten-free and soy-free.

We believe in a better world. we take pride in being a cruelty-free company and never testing our products on animals. We adhere to economical  and sustainable manufacturing practices, while still creating professional quality products.

You have the right to know what is in the products you buy so we list the ingredients on our labels.


I have a sensitive scalp and this hairspray works beautifully. Real hold and does not dull hair at all. Does not sting and my scalp does not get irritated. So nice I ordered another bottle.

Mari Super Strong Hairspray

This moisture mist does wonders for my daughter's hair. She wakes up with bed head everyday. I spray her hair all over then comb through it. When it dries, it's back to her beautiful curls. Love this product!!

Breesey Moisture Mist

I am going through chemotherapy. My hair is a mess. I tried this moisture mist. I use it 3-4 times a day and spray my whole head with it. My hair doesn't fall out constantly because of all the natural ingredients . And my scalp doesn't itch nearly as much. I am going for a 2 week vacation, and it will go on board with me. I just hope I don't run out of. ❤️

Mpkno Moisture Mist

So Amazing!! Long lasting hold and actually fragrance free! So many sprays claim to be fragrance free but still give me problems.. No symptoms with this one at all. What a find!! Plus it's an excellent quality hair spray. I will definitely buy again.

Tony Strong Hairspray

i absolutely love, love this hair spray it does exactly what is said it would do, very strong hold with one spray, odorless and clean and the container is just beautiful, we are definitely ordering again. thank you KC Professional

Stacy T Strong Hairspray

Generous bottle, didn’t leave a residue in my hair and made it much easier to brush thru. I appreciate that there isn’t any added chemicals or fragrances that will strip my color. Just a few spritzes of this and I feel like my hair was had more shine after a blow dry. Cute packaging too, I would repurchase.

Carmen Moisture Mist

Love it, leaves my hair soft and not frizzy at all. Unscented and doesn't irritate my scalp or nose. I am allergic to a lot of hair products but not this one.

Juanita Massey Heat Protection Spray

This is the best hair spray I've tried. It has a faint smell at first, which goes away in seconds. and does a really good job of holding my hair in place. Since I have a lot of allergies and some respiratory problems, this spray is very helpful.

Easyrider Super Strong Hairspray

I absolutely loved the product! My sister and I both used it this evening because I am sensitive to fragrances. She doesn't use her scented one so I won't get irritated by the fragrance. She has color in her hair and it's awesome to know that this product doesn't strip the color out of her hair! We love it! #NoNothing4Life

Stephanie Repair Shampoo

This mousse is amazing! Finally, my search for a mousse that works well for my combination curly hair and sensitive scalp has ended.Those of you with a sensitive scalp can appreciate my enthusiasm to find a hair product that makes my hair look great and not irritate my scalp.

Ida Strong Mousse

I need a no fragrance mousse in the summertime, otherwise the bugs are always buzzing around my head. This was perfect and worked very well.

JT Strong Mousse

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Surprisingly many of us have sensitive skin or have experienced allergic reactions to cosmetic products. With the right kind of products, allergies and irritations can be controlled or avoided. To supply high quality products for this need, KC Professional has developed a sensitive range of hair products for styling as well as cleansing and conditioning hair and scalp.

As the name of the range implies, No nothing products contain as few potentially sensitizing ingredients as possible, and to make everyone with a sensitive nose happy, all products are also 100% perfume-free. They are perfect for safely cleansing, conditioning and styling hair for the whole family – especially those who have sensitive skin or have developed fragrance hypersensitivity.

All No nothing products have been awarded the official emblem of the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation, as proof of the high quality standards and safety of the products - the products have been declared safe by dermatologists in independent tests.No nothing proves that sensitivity is a good thing, not a disadvantage. The package design is cute but modern, delicate and playful. The products urge you to avoid the irritating things in life and appreciate the things that are good for you. That is why so many people can use them. Including hairdressers who wish to improve the quality of their working environment.Welcome to a more sensitive world.