The Best Dermatologically Tested Shampoo

Suffering from a serious skin condition? I think I’ve found the perfect shampoo... I’m not allergic to peanuts or penicillin. I can drink milk, and I don’t react to pollen but when it comes to most hair and beauty products? Boy do I suffer!  Way back when I was thirteen years old, I remember being really excited to get my first ‘grown-up’ shampoo. My mom took me to the local drugstore and I spent (what felt like) hours picking the perfect bottle. I think it was something by Tresemme or L’oreal in the end. Wrapped in gold, with a glamorous...

The seven deadly sins of fragrance products

You’ll find (harmful) fragrance chemicals in most beauty products. They’re in your shampoo, your hairspray and your favorite shower gel . They’re also lurking in your cleanser, and you’ll probably find them in your leave-in conditioner too.  Don’t believe us? Grab a bottle from your bathroom cabinet, and spin it around so that you can read the back. Chances are that you’ll see the phrase ‘fragrance’ written on the label. Now ,many people assume that these unspecified fragrances refer to herbal extracts or natural perfumes - chosen because they impart a nice, floral note to their favourite beauty products. Think...

What makes a good fragrance-free Shampoo?

I’ve always been a big fan of the clean beauty movement. My inner hippie loves the idea of living in a chemical-free zone, and I’ve gotta say that I’m (more than a little) concerned about the toxic ingredients found in some of our personal care products.   Last week, I found myself reading an article about the dangers of propylparaben - a seemingly-harmless preservative that’s found its way into all sorts of conditioners, body-washes and shampoos.   The basic idea is that propylparaben acts as a preservative that’s supposed to have all sorts of beneficial properties. It's a powerful antibacterial...

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