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How Clean is
Your Shampoo…really?

We compare the top 5 shampoos that claim to contain clean, healthy, natural ingredients – Is yours on our list?

Everyone wants their hair to have body, a natural shine, and a gorgeous look when it’s clean. When it comes to choosing a shampoo, we also want hair that feels naturally clean, sleek, smooth and healthy.

It’s not often that you find a shampoo that offers the best of both worlds and lives up to its promises – especially for sensitive scalps or color-treated hair.

Many brands only focus on appearance while cleverly hiding toxic ingredients in their formula at the same time.

This can include things such as hidden fragrances, certain preservatives, and other allergens that can irritate your sensitive scalp and hair that you’d otherwise know to avoid.

A couple of ingredients you don’t want to see in your shampoo are:


Phthalates have been associated with reproductive toxicity and developmental issues in animal studies, endocrine disruption, and in some cases cancer, yet some shampoos that claim to be healthy for your scalp and hair still include this ingredient.


A shampoo may advertise that it is fragrance-free and still contain hidden fragrance ingredients. These are called ‘disbursement fragrances, and they are added to mask any biological odors that are naturally occurring.


Even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) say that parabens added to shampoos are generally safe to use, it’s worth noting that they’re often associated with endocrine disruption, estrogenic activity, and breast cancer.

The sad truth is…

Thanks to complex chemical reactions, we have no idea what ingredients make up the complete fragrance profile in products you put on your skin and hair, or which of them may affect your sensitive skin, and hair.

Fragrance mixes have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential effects on the reproductive system.

Must have shampoo ingredients include things like:

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is known for its high concentration of monounsaturated fats and oleic acid, which can help moisturize and hydrate the hair. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with dry or damaged hair. It’s rich in vitamins and nutrients, strengthens hair and prevents breakage, soothes an enflamed scalp due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties, and improves a natural shine and softness.


Dry, frizzy, dandruff and unmanageable hair? Organic glycerin is effective in keeping hair nourished and providing it the necessary moisture kick you need to tame that mane. Among other things it’s effective for treating dandruff, nourishing and conditioning the hair, making it soft and frizz-free.

Doesn’t it make sense to clean and nourish hair naturally when you shampoo?

We think so, that’s why our team recently compared the top five shampoos that advertise “clean” ingredients, to find out which is best overall.

In each case we simply asked, “How well does this product clean hair naturally, and does it contain chemicals that can cause scalp irritations, allergic reactions,
or skin damage?


#Four Reasons, “No Nothing”

Moisturizing Shampoo

Our #1 Choice!


Our #1 pick, this unique shampoo provides your hair and scalp with everything it needs, and nothing that it doesn’t!

Free of both fragrances and
masking fragrances

Dermatologist created, non-irritating shampoo formula is safe for all skin and
hair types

Gentle cleansing formula for skin, hair
and lungs

Hydrates dry, and normal hair with
avocado oil

Gluten free, soy free, paraben free, dye and colorant free

Hypoallergenic, 100% vegan and cruelty-free

Perfect for color-treated hair


We couldn’t find anything negative to
say about it!

The only drawback is, it’s not available
at Amazon, or in any retail stores

It can only be purchased on their website

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Noodle & Boo®

Fragrance Free Extra Gentle Baby Shampoo

“A Worthy Challenger”


Formulated for eczema-prone skin and
delicate hair, this shampoo covers a
lot of bases.

It boasts a plant-based formula that
contains no Parabens, Phthalates,
Sulfates, PPGs, or Dyes.


This product does contain
Phenoxyethanol and Cocamidopropyl
Hydroxysultaine which can irritate
sensitive skin – the exact opposite of
what the brand claims.

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Custom Shampoo

“A Reliable Choice”


Features fully customizable shampoo
formulas based on your specific skin
and hair profile

Highlights strengthening, and clarifying
benefits, and improved volume and

Cruelty free

Sulfate free

Paraben free

GMO free

Phthalate free

Alcohol free


The messaging says there are “fragrance-free formulas available”, which tells us that this brand is not 100% dedicated to producing shampoos that are truly

It’s also $34 for a 8.5 Fl. Oz. bottle which puts it well beyond what the average consumer can afford.

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Shampoo, Fragrance Free

“Excellent runner-up”


This award-winning sulfate free shampoo provides a luxurious lather that rinses easily without leaving the hair or scalp feeling stripped.

Reduced breakage*

Reduced frizz*



Safe for sensitive skin


More expensive than other brands

They sell fragrance products which
shows they are not dedicated to
providing healthier and non-fragrance

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“A worthy Competitor”


Helps remove flaking and scaling and
controls oily scalp. Removes build-up
from conditioners, hairsprays, and
other hair care products. Leaves hair
clean and manageable.


May spur allergic reactions, due to
certain preservatives, and other allergens you’d otherwise know to avoid

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Why “No Nothing®” is our top pick…

“It took 72 years to get great hair! This product is amazing. I have fine hair and VERY sensitive skin and absolutely no body to my hair. Now I have body to my hair, and I can go for 2 days between hair washings. Again, amazing.”

— Paige, Strong Mousse

Saved My Beauty Routine

“I had always used salon quality products, and all of a sudden I woke up one day with allergic reaction to the smells. In a hurry, I googled hypoallergenic hair care and found this brand! It’s been a life saver. I use a ton of products from this line, and they work just as good, and even cost less! I have thin curly hair, but a lot of it, prone to frizz. It’s quite tricky. This product line has been phenomenal.”

— Stephanie Woodward


All “No Nothing” hair care products contain zero fragrances, including hidden fragrances.


By the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation which recognizes
that “No Nothing” products contain no:



Essential oils

Generally irritating ingredients

Asteraceae compounds


Formaldehyde and its releasers


“No Nothing” hair products provide nourishment for four different hair profiles, so no matter whether your hair and scalp are oily, dry, frizzy, or color-treated, they’ve created special formulas to nourish them all.


“No Nothing” packaging is made of bio-based sugarcane plastic. The use of bio-based plastic reduces oil dependency, and their production process emits less carbon dioxide than conventional plastics. Their packaging is also fully recyclable.


“No Nothing” products are 100% vegan, meaning they do not contain any
animal-based ingredients.


“No Nothing Sensitive Moisture Shampoo” provides you with all the essential nutrients your hair and skin need to maintain optimal health and vitality, so it looks and feels fabulous all the time, without irritation.

While all the products we reviewed have some great attributes, we feel confident that “No Nothing” lives up to its promises the best.

If you love the idea of nurturing you scalp and hair in the chemical-free zone, we suggest you give “No Nothing Sensitive Moisture Shampoo” a try.

It’s everything your sensitive skin and hair needs, and nothing that it doesn’t.


It’s not sold in stores. You can only purchase it at their website.
To get the full story on this chemical-free game-changer, just tap the link below.

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