The perfect blow out for sensitive scalp

The perfect blow out for sensitive scalp

A fresh blow-out, no matter what your hair length or texture, is the way to go. Am I right? No nothing newest products, No nothing very Sensitive Moisture Mist and Styling Mist, are no doubt essential tools in the process. Here are few tips on how to achieve the perfect every day blowout!



Hair with even the tiniest snarls can result in even more breakage when faced with a brush and blowdryer. Detangle either in the shower with a bit of No nothing Very Sensitive Moisture Conditioner or spray our Moisture Mist to your damp hair after the shower.

No nothing Very Sensitive Moisture Mist is our fragrance-free moisturizing and detangling mist, suitable for sensitive scalp. When spraying Moisture Mist to your damp hair it softens and hydrates dry hair with avocado oil, leaving it nourished and more manageable, which is the key to achieving a healthy and shiny end result from the blow-out. Moisture Mist also contains heat-protection which is of course essential when blow-drying. 

Comb your hair after applying Moisture mist, always move slowly, and working your way up from the ends to the roots. 



In order for the look last, it is important that you apply some kind of styling product to the damp hair before blow drying. Our new No nothing Very Sensitive Styling Mist offers strong, hold, fullness, humidity-protection and shine while making hair easier to style. Styling Mist also provides heat protection, and is excellent for roller sets or to achieve volume when blow-drying. Also our Very Sensitive Volume Mousse is one good option to use before blow-drying. Our Volume Mousse offers long-lasting support and bounce and fits perfectly for curly styles. 

With these products your hair will hold volume and texture with no sticky feeling once blow dried. 



For the blow-out, you should use a round brush. The key for getting a bouncy hair is to use the "pull & roll" technique. For this technique you want to be working in small sections throughout your head. 

Start from the root and slowly pull your hair brush toward the ends, and follow with the hair dryer.



To get the perfect look finish it off with a styling wax, that makes the look stay the whole day looking fresh. With our No nothing Very Sensitive Wax strengthen and nourish hair while offering rough texture and flexible hold to the style. Activate the Wax between your palms, begin with the roots and style as desired. 

See Jessica's tutorial on using No Nothing Very Sensitive Moisture Mist and Styling Mist for a base of a perfect blow-out: